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Precautions For Construction Of Refractory Castables
May 15, 2018

Three matters needing attention in the construction of refractory castables

First, the details needed to be known in the early stage of construction

1, strict control of water consumption, winter construction environment, the temperature must be greater than 5 degrees, and there are certain measures to prevent freezing.

2, refractory castables must be mixed with mixer, and no manual mixing is strictly prohibited.

3, the anchorage must be inflated or Shabu bitumen paint.

4. This product is strictly prohibited from mixing with other castables.

Two. The preparation before construction and its strict inspection are as follows:

Prepare the refractory castable construction equipment, clean up the site, the construction equipment and equipment are good, the material, size, layout and welding quality of the anchor parts and the prevention measures for the water loss of the surrounding refractory bricks; before use, the pre test castable is invalid; the water quality should reach the drinking water standard; the above acceptance is qualified and insure that it does not. Under the condition of breaking construction, construction work can be started.

Three. The main points of construction

1, mold: made of steel or hard wood, steel plate coating agent (oil), wood coated waterproof paint, should not leak, and has good strength.

2, stirring: mixing with a mixer, first pour the castable into the mixer, and take out the additives to join, and then mix 2-3 minutes after mixing to add water for 3-5 minutes, and the amount of water should not be too much.

3, vibrate: pour into the mold, immediately tamper can not leak to a certain position, and can not be rammed in the same position, in order to avoid the castable segregation and hole, stirring good castables must be from water to the end of 20-30 minutes, the initial coagulant should be abandoned.

4, maintenance: after the castable surface is dry and reaches 70% strength, the mold can be removed, the time is 24 hours, and the curing time is 48 hours.

5. Oven: according to the thickness of different brands and castings and their climate, users must ensure that enough baking time is 72 hours.

The cause of the damage of the refractory castables:

First, chemical factors, because the refractory castables are amorphous refractory materials which are mixed with water, chemical slag and the reaction between furnace gas oxidation and refractory castables inside the kiln cause the refractory castables to be corroded and cause damage.

Second, the physical factor, the temperature in the kiln is too high, the pouring material is not used properly, which causes the collapse and melting of the castable, and is damaged with the other impurities in the furnace wall.

Third, mechanical factors, the use of kiln can not be used to use mechanical equipment to deal with, although the construction does not encounter refractory castables, but indirect strength impact will accelerate the damage degree of the knowledge castable.

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