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Types And Characteristics Of Refractories
Jun 11, 2018

Self attribute

1. Chemical composition: the main components determine the quality and characteristics of the refractory.

2, volume density: a unit volume weight, large density, indicating a good compactness, the strength may be high, but the thermal conductivity may be 3, the apparent porosity: no specific requirements, but as a manufacturer must strictly control the clear air hole.


4, load softening temperature: also called high temperature load deformation temperature, this parameter is very important, marking material resistance to high temperature resistance.

5, thermal shock resistance: the ability to resist rapid changes in temperature without being destroyed.

6. Compressive strength: maximum pressure capacity under normal temperature.

7. Flexural strength: ability to withstand shear pressure

8. The linear change rate: also called the reburning line change or the change of the residual line, which refers to the volume of expansion and contraction of each volume in the same temperature change. If the expansion contraction is the same, we define such a linear change rate of 0.

Physicochemical properties

1. Wear resistance:

2. Thermal conductivity: under the condition of unit temperature gradient, the heat flux rate per unit area is related to porosity.

3. Impact resistance: without explanation, good impact resistance and long service life.

4. Slag resistance: the ability to resist slag erosion without damage at high temperature [1]

According to the different components of refractory bricks, it can be divided into five categories, namely: silicon aluminum refractory brick, alkaline series refractory brick, carbon containing refractory brick, zirconium refractory brick, heat insulation refractory brick. Any stove is not built by using only one kind of firebrick. It needs a mutual match of different firebricks. The following five components of firebrick are introduced in detail.

1, silica alumina firebrick, it is reported that it is based on AL2O3 SiO2 two yuan system phase diagram as the basic theory, mainly including the following. R / > (1) silica bricks refer to firebricks containing more than SiO293%, which are the main varieties of acid refractory bricks. It is mainly used in masonry coke oven, also used in various kinds of glass, ceramic, carbon calciner, firebrick thermal kiln's vault and other bearing parts. It is also used in high temperature bearing parts of hot blast stove, but it is not suitable to be used in thermal equipment under 600 degrees centigrade and with large temperature fluctuation.

(two) clay brick and clay brick are mainly composed of mullite (25% ~ 50%), glass phase (25% ~ 60%), quartzite and quartz (up to 30%). Usually with hard clay as raw material, the mature material is calcined in advance, then mixed with soft clay, formed by semi dry or plastic method, and the temperature is burnt to clay brick products at 1300~1400 C. A small amount of binder such as sodium silicate and cement can also be used to make unburned products and amorphous materials. It is a refractory brick commonly used in blast furnaces, hot blast stoves, heating furnaces, power boilers, lime kilns, rotary kilns, ceramics and firebrick fired kilns.

(three) high alumina refractory brick, the mineral of high alumina refractory brick consists of corundum, mullite and glass phase. Its content depends on the AL2O3/ SiO2 ratio and the type and quantity of impurities. The grade of refractory brick can be classified according to the content of AL2O3. The raw materials are bauxite and sillimanite natural ore, and there are also fused corundum, sintered alumina, synthetic mullite, and calcined clinker with different proportions of alumina and clay. It is produced by sintering. But the products include cast bricks, fused bricks, unfired bricks and unshaped firebricks. High alumina refractory bricks are widely used in iron and steel industry, nonferrous metal industry and other industries.

(four) corundum brick, the corundum brick is a kind of refractory brick with AL2O3 content less than 90% and corundum as the main phase. It can be divided into sintered corundum brick and electric fused corundum brick.

2, alkaline series of refractory bricks. Alkali refractory brick is a refractory product mainly composed of alkaline oxides such as Mg0 and CaO, and the main varieties are of the following kinds.

(1) magnesia firebrick is a refractory brick with magnesium content as the raw material and the MgO content as the main phase and the content of MgO as above 80% ~ 85%. Its products are divided into two categories: Metallurgical magnesia and magnesia products. According to the different chemical composition and use, there are Martin sand, ordinary metallurgical magnesia, ordinary magnesia brick, magnesia silica brick, magnesia alumina brick, magnesia calcium brick, magnesia carbon brick and other varieties, etc. Magnesia refractory brick is the most important product in alkaline refractory brick, with high refractoriness and resistance to alkaline slag and iron slag. It is an important refractory brick. It is mainly used for open hearth, oxygen converter, electric furnace and nonferrous metal smelting.

(two) dolomite brick is a basic refractory brick produced by dolomite as the main raw material. It is widely used in basic BOF and can also be used as lining for some refining ladle.

(three) forsterite refractory brick is a refractory brick mainly composed of forsterite 2MgO? SiO2. The utility model is mainly used for hearth bricks, ingot bricks, reheating furnace hearth and copper smelting furnaces in open hearth regenerator.

3, carbon containing refractory bricks. Firebrick containing carbon refers to firebrick products made of carbon or carbon compounds with different forms of carbon as main components.

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